Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Peachy Patient?

Peachy Patient is a healthcare SaaS company that connects medical practices and patients based on patients’ procedural needs. We route patients with medical practices in their location that accept their insurance, provide the procedure they’re looking for, and will work with their budget.

How does Peachy Credit work?

Peachy Credit essentially is credit that patients don’t need to pay back, but it can be redeemed in our participating medical practices. You can use your Peachy Credit to enjoy discounted care from the best doctors in your area.

What industries does Peachy Patient cover?

Currently, we connect medical practices and patients in the following industries: Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Dentistry.

What does the Peachy Dashboard offer?

With your Peachy Patient Dashboard, you can do the following:

  • Track analytics (total applications, appointments, etc.)
  • Message back and forth with practices (file uploading feature is available)
  • Submit new applications
  • Edit profile
  • Track Peachy Credit

How does Peachy Patient route patients with practices?

Our AI routes patients based on the following main factors:

  • Type of insurance the patient has
  • Procedure needed
  • Patient’s annual income
  • Location
  • Procedure cost and timeline

Are there any monthly charges?

Absolutely not! There’s no initial cost or monthly fee. You only pay when you visit a doctor and receive treatment.

Does every medical practice accept Peachy Credit?

Although medical practices aren’t obligated to accept Peachy Credit, most of them do in order to make things easier for patients.

What services can I avail of with Peachy Credit?

You can request services in any of the industries we cater to.

Can I apply for unlimited credit?

No. Each patient is given a specific amount of Peachy Credit that they can spend in a practice with each application.

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